Tuesday, May 9

dishcloth and back tack

dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon knitting book. Blue Sky Cotton - I know, that's pretty swanky for a dishcloth. but i'm trying to knit through my stash and i had some leftovers that worked perfect for this project. I see more of these in my future and I'm also contemplating working a log cabin blanket for my little boy.
see here? back tack is well underway. kitty is constructed out of a vintage tablecloth, the ideas in my head are coming to life just as i had pictured them. today i stole a few minutes to go to our local 5 and dime (yes, we have one!) and get some trimmings. i got ric-rac! since i was 5 i've been trying to find a way to use this stuff, and here's my chance.

sorry such a short post. lots of orders for hug-a-dub-dub have been coming in this week, so I've been busy crafting and packing and shipping. lots of people wanting the sachets, I made a huge pile tonight and meant to take a photo, but didn't remember until they were neatly tucked inside of their packages awaiting their new home.