Wednesday, May 31

more finished projects

I finished this a few days ago, the Anthropologie Capelet from Peony Knits. Yarn was hand dyed 100% wool from Irish Baby Knits in the Donegan colorway, knit mostly on #9s ( I think i messed up a bit at the beginning, but we ended with 9s). It turned out a little bit more 'crunchy' than the look I was going for, but over all i like it. I think I'll need to do her Circular Shrug as well, I was reading through the craftster forum on this thing and all the fos look very cool (is it me or are all the members over there skinny and good looking?)

Sshhh - its sleeping. mini moopy. You can find the pattern here. Very mini and very cute. It was a bit fiddly to sew up for my novice sewing skills, but the boy doesn't seem to mind a few messy seams. and it's so cute how he says, "moopy is sleeeeeping. sssshhh"


Rain said...

It looks great on you, it's a lovely colour.

me myself and i said...

Awwww...cute Moopy!

2BeesRunningMama said...

Love the Moopy. Thanks for the link. And the shrug is a wonderous color. Keep up the awesome work :)

Areli said...

Your capelet looks great. I just finished peeking around your blog. So much good stuff. I will be back :-)

Anonymous said...


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