Sunday, October 19

frosty morning

We're getting thick frosts now. Most of the leaves are down and I'm working on cleaning up the perennial beds for the winter. I thought that this pile of frosted vegetation and seed heads in the wheelbarrow was very striking this morning.

Saturday, October 18

noro scarf

last year i was gifted with two skeins of a lovely noro silk garden yarn in a pinkish color. For a year i've been trying to decide what to make of it. Looking at this scarf, and at all the beautiful serendipitous color combinations of this scarf and others inspired by it - convinced me to pop into the yarn shop and pick up a couple of extra skeins to make my own.

So far i'm liking how it's coming out. not loving. it's not quite wonderful, but it's okay. the yarn is nice to knit with and the rib pattern is nice for a scarf.

It's been a couple of years since i last made a scarf, and now i remember how monotonous it is. and why i decided not to make so many of them. regardless, this one will be a nice addition and it's good mindless knitting for tired nights, of which there have been many lately.

Monday, October 13

syncopated is finished

Here it is. Syncopated cap is done. Once I got rolling with it, the actual knitting went quickly and was amusing and challenging. There will be more fair isle in my future.

Thursday, October 2

making progress

for those of you that have started one of these and wondered if your left hand would ever get with the program. i'm happy to report that mine is falling in line. it seems to know what to do. this is making the rounds much quicker and I finished another inch in no time at all.

at this rate the hat will be done before halloween.

don't scoff. if you got 30 minutes of quality knitting time a day (if it's a lucky day) you'd be happy with that sort of progress as well.