Tuesday, December 20

Thursday, December 15

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thanks to Keri Smith for her Portable Tree. I just put together a fun little package for some friends, including markers, scissors and glue so that they can trim-a-tree wherever they are this holiday. and it's recylable.

i've been busy working on another French Market Bag for my mom. I'm going to put in some soft yarn and big needles and a little 'learn to knit' book, as I think she's envious of my knitting.

some other friends are getting a matching set of Yoga Fart beer cozies from Evah Fan. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Lynn at Molly Chicken has been keeping me busy making ornaments for our tree. First these penquins. next up i'm going to have to make a couple of little trees. wish that i had lovely colors of wool felt like those. sigh.

Then i had to make a felt peppermint star, i did mine in red with white stitching and a green vintage button in the center. it's good, but maybe a little too country cute for our house and it might look extra fine on my mother's tree.

we have very few ornaments for our tree, and those that do are infinitely breakable so I love getting to be a little creative while making a pet/toddler safe tree.

Monday, December 5

cheesus rescues christmas

just in time for my maniacal holiday ideas - these nifty crafty recipe cards arrived from The Small Object. You can see that they immediately helped me figure out my crafty problem and outline the steps needed for this years Cheesus project. You see, around these parts we also try our very best to have a 'merry christass' and this involves cheesus who came on a rocket ship. if i get around to it, i'll post the whole christass story for you to read to your young 'uns on christass eve. in any case, after taking a few years off with the whole baby business, christass is back in a big way.

in a small way are all these mini-sweaters for the tree. i need hangers yet, but these will be great, unbreakable ornaments for our pretty bare holiday tree.