Wednesday, May 16

Noro Tea Cozy

Pattern: Kureyon Kozy from Knitty small version 1
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needles: as per the pattern

Notes: I followed the pattern as best as I could. Frankly, although there was nothing difficult here, I had a hard time with the pattern instructions. It could have been written more clearly. Side 1 shows some of the difficulties that I was having. I even frogged to try to fix it, and I never frog anything. Loved the Kureyon, the colors are beautiful.

The finished product is cute and practical and it really does keep the tea warmer longer.

Friday, May 4

local yarn shop shout-out

On Wednesday I found myself in Montpelier with Keiran and a little time on our hands. He had just put in an amazing performance at the dentist. Honestly, he should win an oscar for "best impersonation of a good, non-wiggly little boy" for his behavior there. So I decided to try a visit to the local yarn store, The Knitting Studio. I have to give them a huge thumbs up. The woman was happy to see us, very welcoming and friendly. They have a big bin of toy cars for the little guy and he plunked down and ate his snack and happily played cars for 30 minutes while i went around and petted the yarn. A few other customers came in, also very nice and in the end it was a great experience, even with my three year old.

Though I'm trying to dutifully knit through my stash, I couldn't leave without a little something so I picked up a little sock yarn. Hopefully this will work for Clessidra, but even if no I'm sure I can find a use for it.The Child's Placket-neck Pullover is coming along slowly. It's all baseball knitting a little bit at the end of the night. So slowly it will come together. K. misplaced his handknit brown tunic sweater at preschool today. We searched the room and the playground and couldn't turn it up, but hopefully the teachers will be able to find it. I'd hate to see all that gorgeous brown organic wool go missing.