Thursday, May 11

Holy Moly - have you been to the Knitters Tea Swap blog lately? Everyone has been flashing their tea stash and there are some amazing collections out there. I guess I need to get on it, though my stash isn't very grand because tea just doesn't hang around that long. I drink a (small) pot of green tea every morning. Usually gunpowder, but sometimes Jasmine if I need an extra pick me up.

I used to buy it in bulk at the local natural food store, but often I would forget and run out and then they would be out and I would be sad. Then someone turned me onto Adagio Tea. It' s friendly site with loads of selection and trial sizes as well as big sizes. The best part of all - order before 3 pm and the stuff is at my house the next day! They're in NJ, and I would think it would take longer than that. But apparently Fed-Ex ground has a direct connection because it's always really fast.

My swap buddy should be receiving her package in a few days. It has officially gone out and I hope she's able to enjoy the goodies and the yarn. I sent her my favorite as I know that not too many people out there make the investment that's required to possess this particular hand dyed type of yarn.