Thursday, May 25

Swap goodies

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise as my Knitters Tea Swap buddy sent me a package. She (Wendy) had already sent me a little card in the shape of a teapot as a little 'get-ready', so I was so stoked to see this package. She sent some yummy Republic of Tea Spring Cherry Green Tea (lucky too, because i had run out of tea that very day!) and some packages of Walkers shortbread to go with it.

AND she sent a skein of Noro, which i've been wanting to try for the longest time. A skein of sugar and cream cotton, which just that very day i had been thinking about getting so that i could work on some more dishclothes. And a booklet on tea and a whole bunch of patterns. Pretty darn cool.

So thank you Wendy! This was a great swap, and if there's another I definitely want in again.

So, with my new ball of Sugar 'n Cream in hand, I cast on for another Mason Dixon dishcloth. The contrasting color is Blue Sky Alpaca's dyed cotton . Now, everyone says mean and nasty things about cotton yarn, but I love this Blue Sky Alpaca stuff. It's soft and resiliant and i enjoy knitting with it. Not so much the Peaches and Cream - that seems a bit like knitting with kitchen string, but that's okay for dishclothes. I ordered more Blue Sky today because I wanted to have some on hand for any random project that should come up.

Finally today I received my package from Jimmy Bean's Wool - it took forever (forever!) to get here. Does it always take that long from them, or is USPS having a bit of a slowdown. So, my big, long circular needles are here and as soon as i finish this here dishcloth i can go back to my shrug. better get knitting.


yarnmaniac said...

Glad you liked the goodies. Enjoy!

Kitty Kitty said...

I am so jealous you did the tea swap. I found out about it after people started to post about it on the site. Hopefully they will do it again.

Tea is always a nice thing among friends.

Leilalu said...

spring cherry green tea is my absolute fav! I need to go get more now. It is a great everyday tea.
How does one get involved in theses swaps?lol

Anonymous said...


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