Saturday, May 13

Whiplash - To the Moon!


The theme for Whiplash this week is 'Yarn'. I decided to interpret this as the other definition of yarn, "a narrative of adventures, especially a tall tale."

A few years ago I wrote a little childrens story and i even went so far as to sketch out the illustrations and page layout. my plan was to get really good with Adobe Illustrator and realize this super-cool book that I could read to my little boy. Well, I've never got that good with Illustrator (though i bet if I did these illustrations it would help a lot) and the story just sat there at the front of my big blank book. when this theme was announced i ran through a lot of ideas in my head, but kept coming back to the idea of telling a story. and i settled on making a small, handmade book to tell the tale of a little boy who went to the moon.

I present to you, To the Moon a mixed media book featuring paper, fabric, paint and bound with embroidery floss (a type of yarn...)

To the moon! To the moon! I want to go to the moon.
I'll build a rocket and fill my pockets to go all the way to the moon.

Up into the air I'll zoom, away, higher, further, than my room.

Lots of stars I'll pass as I go by very fast on my way to the moon.

When I get there I'll walk around looking at all the neat rocks I found.

After a while it's time to return. Fire up the rocket, get those engines to burn.

Up into space, fly away from the moon.

Bring me back to my favorite place, my room.

Thanks for checking out my 'yarn'. I had a lot of fun with spray glue and paper and am happy that I was finally able to get an entry in whiplash.



Gisele Schoene said...

What a wonderful book!

pseudobunny said...

i was gonna do a story too!!!
now i dont want to because yours is soooo great!
i'd like to place fifty orders!! Send them out friday okay?

Melissa said...

This is really wonderful.

kat said...

what a great enntry! goos luck!

Pink Chalk Studio said...

Really lovely. What a beautiful entry to create on Mother's Day weekend. You captured a very original take on the theme. I also like that it was an idea you'd not gotten around to executing. Captures the essence of what Whip Lash is all about, getting us off our keisters and creating! Good luck.

Nancy said...

I got your Tea Swap gift. Thank you soooo much! I can't wait to try everything.

Thank you!

creative kismet said...

Great idea! The story and illustrations are wonderful!

Bitterbetty said...


Funky Finds said...

Awesome entry! Nice work.

katy said...

This is great!

rj said...

how lucky your little one is to have such a talented mama. have you re-thought about actually publishing?? this would make a lovely childrens delight. hope you do. rj (former elem sch librarian)

Anonymous said...


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