Sunday, April 23

back tack practice

With Back Tack three officially underway, I decided that a little practice was in order - so i made this little lady. K. is so excited about the kitty, she wasn't completely sewed up before he went down for his nap, but i promised him that when he woke up she would be ready to play with. And so she is. she is also a 'use what you have' project as everything is from my various stashes.

Things will change a bit for my final project. i have some fabric ideas and ideas about this pattern that i think i will explore.

In other news - outdoor climbing season is upon us again. here are some shots from Friday's beautiful morning. We were the only folks out there, just us and this garter snake(he's much smaller than this picture suggests, i used the macro setting):

Here's a shot from the top of our local crag, no leaves out yet but the buds are breaking and the first spring flowers are beginning to emerge: