Friday, January 26

corners of my home

I've seen countless other corner of my home posts and really enjoyed seeing these intimate spaces. so here are a few corners of my home. Above, our miniscule entryway. The mirror is by artist Kate Pond. The story goes that she made that to commemorate my husband's favorite word when he was two or three years old. It lived in the UK for the longest time and a few years ago we dragged it back. It made the security guards chuckle at the x-ray machine.
a pile of outerwear in our spare room. See the half-life print Burton snowboard pants? Special edition - close up of the dots that you'd see if you look at a color print page.
A corner piled with books everywhere. Not enough room to keep them all on a shelf.
knitting in progress. bad news, my stitch number is off so I have to frog back a couple of increase rows and get back on track.

Friday, January 19

little projects

Because of the sheer number of babies coming this spring, I've quickly begun to work up another baby bolero from One Skein. You see I brought in all these baby color skeins of the Blue Sky Cotton which are enough for a bolero but one skein is not enough for the kimono in Mason-Dixon knitting. So I cast on this lovely mint green and it's coming along nicely. I think I'll trim it in the main color, and then make a cute striped hat in green and blue. Then I'll take the 1.5 skeins of Blue Sky Organic cotton and knit a kimono.

Also on my list is the leaf sweater from Loop-d-loop. I have some yarn (more details later) but needed to order needles and there aren't too many places on line to get 13 circs. I ended up at Purl SoHo, so I also picked up some sock yarn. This is Koigu KPPPM - the rest of the world is quite familiar with it, but as I'm a new sock knitter it's new to me.
I love it. Can't wait to cast on. And doesn't my camera have nice macro skills?

This weekend is a really rare sample sale at Hug-a-dub-dub and my shopping cart has a terrible tendency to oversell when quantities are limited - so, i'll be spending some time sorting out orders this weekend. Not to worry though, I've cleaned up the Sale! section of the cart so that everything that is sold out is taken off.

Sunday, January 14

baby bolero is complete

So I ended up using a light pink Blue Sky Cotton to edge the bolero. The color isn't exactly the 'right' color, but in natural light I think it looks pretty good. After a gentle wash this seemed to come together pretty well. I'm sure all the super picky knitters are sitting out there tisk-tisking the stitches that I picked up along the side is pretty good, the other not so good. i'm trying to decide if I want to do a second one of these or if i want to do the kimono from Mason Dixon or other. baby showers are coming up in a months time, so i do have some time to think about what would be best.
we needed a new dishcloth, so here you go. from Mason Dixon. they look so wonderful when they're freshly knitted...
...and not quite so beautiful when they've been in heavy rotation. i hope to do another one tonight.

the pictures are looking pretty good today, aren't they? i just spent all my christmas money on a digitial SLR so that we could take quality product shots for kind of a bummer to use fun money for work, but hopefully the improved pictures will help boost sales and i'll get it back someday. i'm just trying to think longterm.

Saturday, January 6

frustrated knitting

this is the little baby bolero from One Skein. knitted in an 'i forget' cotton from the stash. something pretty luxurious, it was deeply discounted from a retail price of $20 a skein when i bought it over the summer.
here is the back. it's curling, so you can't see the cute little detail at the back of the neck. and i really like the colors. especially for a baby girl. there's the palest of tawny pinks with the blues and tans and i think it would be great for a springtime little girl who doesn't want to wear pink all the time.
i'm frustrated because of several things. first, is this going to be wearable for a little baby? See the photo above for scale. The sleeves are huge. the whole thing is pretty wide. will this just end up being a fugly handknit? the second thing is that I'm nearly out of yarn and there is still a bit of edging to do. and that makes me not want to finish it. and so this is just sitting around on the dining room table, waiting for me to not feel weird about it.
check out the cool rainbow that we had this afternoon. note the lack of snow. this was right before a thunderstorm hit, a lot of rain and wind and a bit of hail too. wish it would just snow.