Tuesday, July 18

mini-shrine swaphttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Over at Swap-bot, in my excitement over all the swapping possibilities I had joined another swap in addition to the magic yarn ball swap. This was for a mini-shrine and i thought it sounded delightful. Well, after getting out the first swap I came down with a terrible case of eczema. So awful, so horrid that I couldn't move my left hand. It was swollen into a claw shape. My right hand was slightly better. For 6 days I barely ate and slept due to the discomfort. There was no crafting in my life. No blogging. Hardly any working. Just lots of suffering. When I came through to the other side there was a lot of catch-up to do, and so my mini-shrine got sent to the back of the line.

Not wanting to be 'that person', I finally got my act together on Sunday and pulled my ideas together and created two mini-mini-shrines.

#1 - Lucky Duck. When you need a little leg up, call on Lucky Duck. Lottery tickets. Bingo games. Lucky Duck can help you out.

#2 - Shadowy Knight in Shining Armor. For those times when you need someone to sweep in, rescue you, kill the bad guy, and then tidy everything up. But you don't want a goody-goody. No, you want someone with a little bit of shadow. Don't tell me that you never need to be rescued. We all do sometimes.

Sunday, July 16

magic yarn ball

I participated in the Magic Yarn Ball Swap over at Swap-Bot. A magic yarn ball is such that as you craft with the yarn, treats and surprises are found entwined within the yarn. Truthfully, it was a lot of fun to put together and I hope that my partner received her yarn ball in good health. Unfortunately, I have not received anything from my partner. I hope this is not indicative of the swaps at swap-bot, it's not much fun to not get anything in return.

Currently, I'm a day behind in mailing out my next swap - the mini shrine. But they're almost done. Just a bit more gluing and a bit of painting and they'll be off to their recipient.