Monday, May 22

Swiffer Cozy in use

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my Swiffer cozy! Someone asked me to share it all covered in hair and dust - here you go (warning might be TMI for those who can't stomach the leavings of a dirty household):

it works like a charm. after sweeping up the dust bunnies just turn them loose outside and throw it in the washer.


GailV said...

You call THAT cat hair and dust bunnies? Hah. Come over to our house and I'll show you some REAL lumps of cat hair and dust bunnies, not that puny little pile you've got there.

I absolutely love the swiffer cozy. You're a genius.

Kathy in DC said...

I agree, you are a genius making this into a swiffer cozy. Please post your picture, or even just a link to your blog picture, on the masondixon KAL! I'm sure everyone would love seeing it.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Have you thought about doing a tutorial on it?

moosie said...

just wondering would it work as a wet swiffer cover also?? I am so going to make one of these, I hate having to buy the refills all the time so I havent used mine in a while

Anonymous said...


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