Wednesday, September 27

Camera is Back

Lots to blog about. Today I went on down to Small Dog Electronics (Apple reseller) and picked up a media transfer thinger. my camera still takes photos, it just isn't talking to the computer. so this little thing will read the pictures off the memory card and deposit them nicely in iphoto. For those who are interested, I blog using firefox on my imac G5.

My new hat. the Jester Hat in Auracania nature wool, bulky. Here is the link to the pattern. It's free and it was a quick and fun knit (2 nights of not very intense knitting.) the knitted ball on top was a great idea.

Just a small portion of the carrots from our garden. The vivid colors of fresh carrots are my favorite.

Clapotis in progress. This is SWTC Karoke bamboo/wool yarn and I have to say that I was a little surprised with the stripes. I was anticipating a varigated look, not a striped look - but whatever. we'll see how it turns out when all is said and done. I've started the decrease rows now, so hopefully I'll be finished with it this weekend.

Sunday, September 24

vintage childrens books

Since my camera is out of commission, I thought I'd share a few illustrations from some vintage childrens books that I picked up the other weekend. they were in the freebie pile at the church next to our bike shop - they've been well loved over the years but i loved the illustrations and brought them home.

This book has helpfully labeled itself as 'Educationally Sound' on the cover, so we know that it's alright.

Got to love the evil looking kitten and smug lion. And that wagon, it just makes me so happy!

Saturday, September 23

very sad indeed

my camera is refusing to talk to the computer. or to put it more precisely, is not interested in sharing. the camera is loaded with photos of my cute kid at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair, photos of finished projects and works in progress and photos of my tea to share with the folks at the Knitters Tea Swap. But when connected, the computer tells me 'there are no items to import".


i can see them there in the viewer of the camera, just can't share with you.

Tuesday, September 5

Finished Tunic

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Children's Tunic
Yarn: Treliske Organic Merino in Dark Brown
This was a quick and easy pattern to knit. I made a few simple changes - the biggest is that it's just an open v-neck, no buttons. i also decided not to do the drawstring as i though it would never be used. the trickiest thing was picking up the stitches for the hood, which i did distinctively poorly. Really I should have done this on size 6 needles, not 7's or 8's or whatever size those were. the fabric is just a little too open. but the drape is beautiful, a lovely hand that seems to soften with wear and my little boy is happy to wear it.

Sign-ups are going on for the next round of the Knitters Tea Swap. Out of all the recent organized swaps that I participated in, this and Backtack III were the best. Well, since these are the only swaps where I actually received something in return it isn't saying much. But nevertheless, I like tea. I like yarn. I like treats. This is a good swap for me.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with working full-time, running the soap business, parenting and still trying to find time to pursue other relaxing hobbies. Something will have to give - but I can't give any of these up right now. With holidays and a busy work schedule for the next few months i don't know what is going to happen...