Friday, June 16

personal project spectrum

Everything around me is a gorgeous shade of purple. The perennial garden is bursting with purple mini iris and purple chive flowers. We have a clemantis that is overcome with purple blossoms as large as my hand. This was the first year that I figured out NOT to cut it back in the winter, and this is the first year that we've had blooms like this.

My WIP is purple as well. It's the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in malabrigio alpine pearl. this is the first sweater that i've attempted and i'm fully expecting not to like it. but i'm approaching it full speed ahead anyway.

Sunday, June 4

back tack - she's here!

Look who arrived in the mail on Saturday! Isn't she sweet? She came bearing gorgeous California poppies, and a super cute little messenger bag with a hand-stitched carrot (obviously she wasn't sure if we have carrots in VT). Her little bunny paws can snap and unsnap for various poses. She's handstitched out of all-natural materials (swoon). You can tell that so much care and thought went into her.

Thank you Carolina! Be aware that an email with a thousand questions will be headed your way shortly.

She also came with Grapefruit flavored bath fizzies (very inspiring), some lovely chocolate which i tucked away in the freezer for when the time is right. Some flower seeds (very cool, I must send her some of my own hollyhock seeds) as well as a few goodies for my ds. He picked up that ice cream cone of bubbles right away and off he went.

So where is the initial? She said I would have to hunt for it, but I must have been channeling into her mind because when I found the little hand carved stamp that she included in the package I went right to the messenger bag. And there it was. the fabric inside the bag is hand stamped with cute little 'a's. I attempted a photo, but it came out like doody. Maybe Carolina has a good photo to share.

What fun. Back Tack III has been a blast, and watching all these softies arrive at their destination is a good healthy habit to get into.

Saturday, June 3

vermont sky

lots of things in progress right now, just nothing to show. i'm knitting a kimono for a new baby girl, working on a teddy bear quilt, waiting for a freezer paper design to dry and enjoying time with my parents who are visiting.

Thursday, June 1

marathon relay photo

Here's the team at last Sunday's Vermont City Marathon. We each ran a leg and finished the marathon in just under 4 hours with a pace of about 9 minutes per mile. I'm certain that I will never run a full marathon at that pace on my own.