Sunday, April 13

Arisaig is Finished

8 months, plus or minus. Finally Arisaig is finished. I used the same yarn and needles as suggested in the pattern. The only mod was to make the ribbing a little bit longer. I have big arms, so had no problems with my sleeves being too big for my arms. But they were too big for the armholes and I had to rip back 1.5 inches to get my sleeve in there.

This was my first seamed sweater. Seaming? Not really that bad. 80" of tie? Not really that bad. The worst and slowest part of this project were the sleeves.

I think it looks good on me. It feels good to wear it and i think that this sweater will get a lot of use. I'm so pleased with myself - an entire sweater with all this lace, on #1 and #2 needles - it's done and I did a good job. Well done me!

Thursday, April 10

hard at work

sorry for the radio silence. i've been hard at work. working on a project I can't blog about yet. working on moving the bike shop. Working on all those little things involved in moving a business. Working on planning a couple of bike events in our town. Working on doing a good job with my 'pays-the-bills' job. Working to keep my soap customers happy. And still trying to be a good mama and give my little Star Wars fan the attention he needs.
Here he is recreating the final battle of Empire Strikes Back

I have to be honest. There's not much time for anything else. The house is a pigsty. The laundry is suffocating. Used to be I was at least home a couple of afternoons to deal with the house, now I'm working at the shop. I'm trying not to let it get me down, I wish I had 30 minutes a day to keep up with things. But you have to choose, dinner or cleaning?

Never fear. I'm meeting someone on Monday who will hopefully help with the housework. And I think I'm going to have a stay-at-home-mom friend help me with the soap business.
What I have been slowly finishing is my Arisaig. It was put on the back burner for the special project. But I've finished that and now I'm finishing the ties and the seaming. should have some FO photos in a little while.
80" of 1x1 rib over 7 stitches