Saturday, November 8

noro scarf is done

45 stitches wide. 4 balls of noro silk garden. size 7 needles. 1x1 rib, alternating between 2 balls of yarn every two rows.  how it turns out is a complete surprise due to the colors of the noro. it's softish and warm, and if the temperature ever drops and real november should ever begin - i imagine i'll wear this a lot.

fall photos

Wednesday, November 5

exciting advancements in packaging

since my knitting isn't proceeding at any sort of measureable pace, i thought i'd chat about some other topics for the time being. Starting with something I saw yesterday that just made me say, "right on!".

Amazon is debuting Frustration-free Packaging for some of the toys and electronics it sells. This is a pet peave of mine, I absolutely hate all the boxes and plastic and ties that toys come with. I hate clamshells. hate, hate, hate that it should take so long to get into an item that you've just purchased and it's such a waste.

This will definitely be an area of the site that I will keep my eye on as I consider holiday toys and what now. If I can, I'll definitely support this initiative with my $$.