Monday, October 29

Knitted Bunting: a pattern

I'm planning to participate in several craft shows this holiday season including the Queen City Craft Bazaar which is much cooler and more indie than anything I've done in the past. It threw me into a spin trying to think of how to make my table space cooler and more indie and I decided that I needed to have a knitted sign. I've seen a lot of sewn bunting out there and thought that a knitted bunting would be tres cool. so here we are...

Worsted weight yarn (I used Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton in three colors)
size 7 16" circular needle
size 6 double pointed needles
tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Cast on 25 stitches with larger needles
knit two rows plain
Begin Stockingette stitch pattern:
Knit 2 stitches, purl 21 stitches, knit final two stitches. This row and every other row (the purl rows) - Knit the first and last two stitches so the edge is in garter stitch.
Next row: knit all stitches
Next row: K2,P21, K2
Begin decreasing:
Row 1: K2, SSK, K until last four stitches, K2Tog, K2
Row 2: K2, purl to last two stitches, K2
Row 3: K all stitches
Row 4: K2, purl to last two stitches, K2

repeat rows 1-4 until there are three stitches between garter stitch sections. end with Row 4.
K2, Slip 1 knitwise, K2tog, PSSO, K2
K2, purl 1, K2
K all
K2, purl 1, K2

K1, Slip 1 knitwise, K2tog, PSSO, K1
next three rows, K all stitches

Slip 1 knitwise, K2tog, PSSO

Knit as many flags as you need. Embellish with duplicate stitch as is your preference. My letters are about 17 stitches high. They start 5 stitches from the top of the flag and the serif reaches to the garter stitches on the sides.

To join the flags.
Cast on three stitches to your smaller dpns and knit icord for 8 to 10 inches.
Then begin applied i cord (there's an excellent write up on this technique at the Keyboard Biologist) Knit 1 stitch, kfb, slip one knitwise, pick up and knit first stitch of flag, pass slipped stith over. slide work to end of right hand dpn and repeat until you've reached the end of that flag.

K1, K2tog, K1 and continue to knit i cord for five more rows. Begin next flag. repeat until all flags are hung and finish with an appropriate amount of icord.

Tuesday, October 23

knitting on the road

This past weekend found us on the road to visit with my folks in PA. As it's a seven hour drive and I knew that this time I wouldn't be the principle driver, I brought what I thought was a considerable amount of knitting to bide the time.
My 'so cool it's still secret' project and the second sock of the jaywalker series are what's filling the French Market Bag. Should have been plenty to keep me busy, but i was so productive that I ran out of yarn for the secret project by the end of the journey down. AND THEN, I discovered that despite repeated preparations I had forgotten the sock dpns. and there are no yarn or craft stores within Sunday panic distance from my folks.

so for the entire ride back to VT, I basically had to sit on my hands. what do you do in a car if you can't knit?

Wednesday, October 17

A Swiffer Cozy for Penelope

This was a quick knit on a request for a friend. It's headed down to Mexico where a swiffer is much loved, but replacement pads are hard to come by. I hope that she'll enjoy using it as much as we enjoy ours.
As I finished weaving in the ends last night, my husband asked where his new swiffer cozy is. You see, he wants one with the fancy adjustable tabs (three sets of button holes this time). I'll be happy to make him one.

Details: My own swiffer cozy pattern
Yarn: Blue Sky Dyed Cotton and miscellaneous superwash wool
Needles: size 7 addi turbo circs
Mods: added extra button holes

Sunday, October 14

Republic Hat

We went from 80 degree days to 40 degrees days almost overnight. hardly any transition at all. So, I've been thinking about knitting hats. Quick and simple and great stash busters. I've got lots of yarn leftover from the cardigan that I just finished and it seemed to fit the gauge for this Republic Hat - so here it is.

it actually came out far too big and baggy. so i threw it in the washing machine on hot with the towels. still too big. so it went in the dryer and this is a pretty good size. the circumference is still a little wide, but it will work. I like how felting it made the fabric a little more dense, better for the winter.

Tuesday, October 9

Fitted Knits - Short Sleeved Cardigan With Ribbing

Pattern: From Fitted Knits - Short Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing
Yarn: RYC Soft Tweed in Twig
Needles: 10.5, 9 and 8

Mods: I added an extra 1-1.5 inches in the body before the ribbing, then I accidently made the bands before the ribbing extra wide, then I knitted the ribbing until the sweater reached my hip bones (I'm a long torso type). The body ribbing was knitted on 9's instead of 8's because I couldn't find the 8 circs that I know I have somewhere. The sleeve ribbing was knitted on 8's. I made the ribbing on the sleeves a lot longer than was called for in the pattern.

I've read some complaints about this pattern but no complaints from me. I checked the errata, measured myself (38 bust) and knit the size 36 bust version. It knitted up quickly and cleanly, and looks beautiful. I'm very happy with this finished object.