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Friday, March 16

Laceleaf Pullover progress - almost there

lest you think i gave up blogging for lent, i'm back. these past few weeks have been filled with traveling, family emergencies, work, soap business, and least of all - tax preparation. this is the first year with the bike business and though i haven't been involved in the books all year long, taxes fall under my umbrella. this has meant spending a lot of time to figure out just what was going on. but we're almost at the finish line with those. Normally I like to have the taxes done much earlier, but i'll still be happy that i'm not filing on the last possible day.

So what has been going on?

Laceleaf Pullover Progress:
sorry for the dismal photo. we're about to get another 18" of snow and the sky is all grey and nasty. Overall, i like it. I like the shape of the sweater. I like the yarn. It didn't really do anything with the leaf pattern, so i just didn't do anymore after the bottom hem. You can't tell anyway. All that's left to do is weave in ends, find a button for the neck flap, fix the dropped stitch that I just found and give it a litte wash. and then wear it. i think i'll wear this one.

My other project is the Monkey Socks from Knitty. The yarn is the Koigu that I blogged about earlier. These are going really, really, really slowly. But the taxes really took a bite out of my knitting time. The pattern is cool. Not hard per se, but it keeps your attention.
It's been hard to pay attention though, because I've been watching this:
I know I'll catch a lot of crap for it, but I remember watching it as a kid and I was so enthralled by Jan Michael Vincent. I read the books a few years ago and tried to score the videos off of ebay, but they were going for hundreds of dollars. Now the dvds are on Netflix. And I'll tell you, whatever i saw in JMV when I was 8 - it's still there.