Friday, February 24

works in progress

here is henry the bear from Jess Hutch's book of knitted toys. only he won't be a henry, he'll be called something with a K. I've been working on him for months and i don't know why i just don't finish. it's truly a quick knit. currently i'm avoiding doing the mouth and nose embroidery.

here's my current project, the one i'm really trying to finish. a scarf from ScarfStyle out of the handpainted alpaca that i picked up at the wool festival last fall. the pattern is easy to remember and it repeats in groups of four, so it's easy to pick up and put down again.

okay, got to go and get a boy dressed to play outside in the cold, cold snow.

Wednesday, February 1

Here's another little baby hat, this one for little Lucy. I don't get to knit for little girls very often, so it was a treat and meant i had to go to the yarn store and get all new colors. It was much too big at first, but her mother just flipped up the brim so it fit better. Now she's grown and put a few pounds on, the brim and earflaps came down and hopefully it'll work all through the winter.

ps - i got a note from one of my customers and she loves the new labels. Yay!