Wednesday, November 2


after nearly three months of training. weekends devoted to long runs. lunches diverted into short runs. it's over - i've run the marathon. the whole darn thing. 26.2 miles, and on pavement nonetheless. if you would have told me at the beginning of this summer that i'd run a marathon this year, i never would have believed you. sure, i really enjoy running, it's a very efficient means of exercise. but a marathon is a huge commitment and i never would have thought that i'd be able to stick it out to prepare.

how'd it go? just about as perfectly as i could have hoped for. gorgeous day, a little on the warm side. Getting to the event was a piece of cake and it was so amazing to see all the preparations and all the racers. I peed about 5 times before we started, which was good as i didn't want to stop once we got going. I paced myself well, enjoyed having my water bottle with me so that I could hydrate at will. The Gu's worked to keep me going through the tough spots. I swear, there were more people at this race than there are in the entire state of Vermont. The spectators were excellent and provided the cheers and jeers needed to keep going when all i wanted to do was sit down. There were a few times i wanted to cry. A few times i was sure that i was going to cry when i crossed the finish line, but when all was said and done there was no crying - just an intense feeling of accomplishment.

When you're preparing to give birth, you often read things that compare giving birth to running a marathon - i'd have to agree.

The Worchester range of mountains glowing in the evening light, these are the ones closest to us that run behind our house.

In knitting news. A new baby means a new baby hat is needed. This one is for Mason who arrived to my cousin and his wife last week. Just a few ends to weave in.... In the middle you'll see that I frogged the Romney wool hat that i finished last week, it was too short. On the right, Jess Hutchinsons's cute little booklet on knitted toys. After I finish the hat i want to knit up something fun, but i haven't picked one out yet.


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