Tuesday, November 8

if it's not one thing...

here's the other. the morning of the day that G. found out he no longer had a job he booked tickets for a trip to Switzerland. You see, he had a meeting the week before Christmas that was going to take place at a resort in the Alps. So what better opportunity would there be for me to go along and do a little snowboarding at Saas Fee. Because we have a little boy and need to be organized, we were finalizing all the details in a timely manner. that afternoon he found out that he wouldn't be attending that meeting because he no longer was employed. he told me that he didn't actually book the tickets, but alas it appears he did and now we have to pay nearly $700 for my ticket for a trip that it doesn't look like we'll get to take.

hmmmm. seems to me that if i have a ticket to CH that has to be paid for, that I should go to CH. if my ticket was non-refundable, than G's ticket should also be non-refundable. which says to me that we should just go. stay with friends or in a hostel. but just travel and live a little.

because i hate blog entries without pictures, here's one for you:

and to prove that i ran a marathon