Monday, November 21

finished objects

i finished another pair of mitts for the warm hands knit-a-long. this pair is for me because i deserve to have warm hands. the pattern is the same pattern that i used for the toddler mittens, only expanded for my mom-size hands. the yarn is 2-ply Sweet Grass targhee from Bee's Knees Knitting. She has a great selection of handpainted yarns and great prices on
Cherry Tree Hill potluck. Excellent communication and my order was shipped very promptly.

The missing vintage button collection appeared today - just where i had expected it to be, but couldn't be found two weeks ago. So, Spherey from Jess Hutch's collection of knitted toys, who i call Quadrapussy, finally has his little eyeballs and all is right with the world.

sorry about the dark pictures, seems that the only chance i have to blog is 11 o'clock at night when light is a little scarce in these parts.

In personal news, my knee which was toasted during the marathon is finally showing signs of recovery. Today I would say that i was 99% pain free, which is a huge difference from this weekend. It's so bizarre that three weeks ago I ran a marathon, and since then i've barely been able to walk to the mail box. Climbing is the only exercise that feels okay right now, which is fine because i need lots of practice.


Carola said...

These mittens do look really great and comfy. I specially like how you took the picture, makes them appear so 'alive'. It is fun to see someone knitting one of Jess Hutch's knitted toys. I just got the copy and can't wait to start knitting one of those wooly friends. Yours looks very cute!

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