Monday, November 28


It's not even December yet, but already I'm getting stoked for Christmas. It helps that my I'm shipping out tons holiday orders for my little business. It certainly helps that we've had several snow storms already, blanketing the area and taking the edge off of stick season. But the biggest factor is my little boy who, though only two years old, seems to firmly grasp the idea that he's going to get presents. He's so excited by the lights and random Santa sightings that I can't help but get excited with him.

Out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts I made this little stocking
Red Heart 100% acrylic. It's the first time I've ever knitted in acrylic, can't say I like it but the price was right and it was available at my local five and dime store. It's also the first sock that I've ever knitted. I'm going to do a couple for ornaments and other fun things.

Inspired by the mini stocking, I purchased Holiday Knits today from my local, independantly owned bookstore ($7 more expensive than on ebay including shipping, but I didn't feel like waiting.) There's several things that I'd like to make, but most important are stockings for the family. In fact, after I bought the book I bought a stocking stuffer for G. Nevermind we don't have any money for holiday shopping due to the whole job fiasco, I was just in the spirit. So if anyone wants to do a trade this month, just drop me a line. Money is tight, but I've got some great soaps and stuff :)


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