Wednesday, September 5

super-natural stripes baby cardigan

I had a little vacation from everyday life last week. I took the week off of my out-of-home job and tried to do as little work as possible on the other businesses in my life. The goal was to just rest my brain for a week in hopes that I could come back with more creativity, energy and power to get things done.

One of the things I did was to make this:into this:
Pattern: Super-natural stripes cardigan
Yarn: Blue Sky Cotton in organic and dyed
Needles: #7s and #5s and some #6 dps because i couldn't find the #5 dpns
Mods: I didn't use all organic and I did two buttons instead of one, but otherwise it's true to the pattern.
Comments: I forget who linked to her blog, but f.pea has some of the cutest free patterns out there. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this cardigan would make a great baby gift and I had several colors of the Blue Sky Cotton in my stash (it's one of those yarns thats very handy to keep around.)

The pattern was a simple, enjoyable knit and I definitely think i'll do it again. As a result of knitting this pattern, I researched how to pick up stitches and I learned how to do a single-chain crochet stitch. I love learning new things.

I'm not totally sold on the colors, but these are what I had in the stash. The organic came from a swap a few years ago and I never really found a good little project before. The colors were ones that I had, but I wish I had been bold and adventurous with the colors instead of 'typical' baby colors. oh well, it's still pretty cute.

What else is on the needles? Here is progress on Arisaig. The back has been knitted and I'm working on the right front. I don't want to jinx anything, but now that I have a feel for the lace pattern and the shaping, I think it will go faster and better.

Socks are great travel knitting. Here's the start of a pair of jaywalkers. I started this on the train ride to Boston to see last saturday's no-hitter at Fenway. These may just be my lucky socks.


f. pea said...

your sweater looks awesome - i love it with two buttons! thanks for your nice feedback.

earthcore said...

Beautiful baby sweater! I've added it to my to-knit list.

Anonymous said...


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elizabeth bernot said...

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jay paul said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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