Saturday, September 29

the business of soap

in my spare time, when i'm not working my real full-time job and when i'm not helping out with Bike29 and Five Hills Bikes and when i'm not attempting to be a good mother or futilely cleaning the house, i have a soap and lotion business called Hug-a-dub-dub.

I got started making soaps and lotions when i was trying to find ways to deal with my friend, the eczema, and discovered that i really liked it. It shouldn't have come as a surprise. As a kid, I can remember fondling the homemade soaps in gift shops at historic sorts of places like Williamsburg. I bought a bar, and brought it home and just smelled it over and over. and it was unscented.

for myself, i enjoy the smell of the soap itself. scents don't strike my fancy that much, but just plain soap is the best thing ever.

life has been pretty crazy since we started the bike business and i needed to take some time away from all my commitments. so i did almost nothing with the soap biz all summer long. only what i had to in order to maintain my wholesale relationship and my best and longstanding customers.

but i missed it. and am happy to say that i've been making soap like mad. trying to be prepared to do craft shows and holiday orders, like no one elses business.


crunchy peas said...

it's good to know that you are not giving up...because I love your soap!!!!

SouthernYankee said...

When are you going to bring us some soap? ;) January sounds like a good time....

Anonymous said...


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