Saturday, September 8

birthday and sheep and wool festival

Monday is my 32nd birthday. I'm traveling for work tomorrow and will be in San Diego on my birthday. It's not all bad, we have some great friends there and I'll have a birthday celebration the day afterwards. We just did the husbands birthday two weeks ago and had a babysitter for a really nice dinner out and then a party with all of our friends -- so that means that my birthday celebrations will be pretty non-existant (except for the yummy cake that i'm baking.)
so that's why, when I pulled this sweet little package out of the mail box, I was so happy. One of my running dingo friends sent me these two gorgeous balls of Noro Silk Garden. So lovely, so thoughtful. Thanks Monica, you made my birthday!

The VT sheep and wool festival is this weekend. K and I needed something to do so we drove out to the fairgrounds to spy some sheep and alpacas.
I bought one skein of sock yarn. The vendor is Ball and Skein and her hand-dyed yarns were gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. this is the one that i got, but I almost picked out the black cherry or the comet or the mountain spring.

If you want to control your purchasing at an event like this, by all means bring a three year old. I guarantee that you will not purchase anywhere near the amount of things that you might otherwise. there were some good looking naturally dyed yarns that i wanted to look at and i had hoped to pick up some wooden dps to replace the Susan Bates that i currently have for socks. but alas. one skein of sock yarn is all i brought home.