Wednesday, July 18

Toe Up Socks

Socks from the toe up. One of my running friends sent me a lovely package last month with some sock yarn and a copy of Interweave Knits which features a big section on knitting socks from the toe up. I'm keen to make a nice long pair of socks and have been wanting to learn something new, so I cast on. Again and again. That eastern cast on is a bit tricky. It's not the neatest toe, but it does look nice and smooth. Once these are off the needles I think I'll be able to smooth things over a little bit.

Apparently some people like the toe-up method because they don't have to Kitchner stitch the toe. Grafting never bothers me. It's kind of fun and it's totally cool to make a toe look like a smooth knit. But remember, I also Kitchner'ed the entire Lace Leaf Pullover sweater body and even before that when i was knitting all those Woolly Wonder Perfection Shorts - loads of grafting. So it's just something that I don't mind.


kasiaiscarly said...

LOL! I just started my first pair of toe up socks using crochet cast on. I'm on my 3rd do over and have to frog yet again. Missed a 'w' on a 'w&t' at knitting group last night! I don't mind the grafting, either, this may be a one-time only depatrure for me!

And do you live in Williston or just go out to Catamount? I used to live in Mountainview right before the bridge into Essex (across from Agway).

g. said...

I'm in Waterbury and we help sponsor the bike races at Catamount. Last night I was there, knitting on my sock :)

Anonymous said...


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