Friday, July 20

toe-up sock progress and swatching

The toe-up sock is growing. faster than I might have thought. At this point it's just p2k2 over and over again for another 7 inches or so.

yesterday while running i made some knitting resolutions. i want to knit more sweaters, but the finishing and seeming of sweaters makes me nervous. so resolution #1 - knit more sweaters so that i get good at the finishing and it no longer makes me queasy. #2 - it's okay to have some stash yarn. sometimes you need to knit up a project and it's nice to be able and go pull somthing else from the stash. Still not sure that i'll ever let it grow beyond the one bin, but i think i need to feel okay about having any sort of stash at all.

I've been thinking about my next big project. I bought the book Fitted Knits, and there are three projects in there that I'd really like to do. But I'm having some troubles finding the right yarn online. I even went to a real live yarn store and they didn't have the yarn in the pattern or anything that would be an okay substitute. At some point I'll try another local yarn store, I think the Knitting Studio carries Cascade 128.

During this process I stumbled upon the yarn for Arisaig from knitty, on sale. and so i bought it. there are some beautiful finished examples on Flickr and i hope that i can knit something of that order. time to get cracking on those socks so that I'm ready when this new yarn shows's k learning to ride the pump track at Catamount.


ms. pea said...

...or just knit sweaters in the round so that you don't have to sew them! (that's generally my preference)

Anonymous said...


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elizabeth bernot said...

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jay paul said...

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