Saturday, October 1

vermont sheep and wool show

today K. and i went to the vemont sheep and wool show at the fairgrounds. it was a hit. the sheep were very accommodating with lots of loud 'baaaaaa'-ing and the alpacas were funny in their alpaca sort of way. i wish that i had been there alone or with an assistant as it was hard to really take everything in while still making sure that K. was okay and not wrecking the displays. i ended up coming home with a skein of handpainted alpaca(left) from a very busy lady from NY state and a skein of handpainted rommney(sp?) wool(right) from VT. the colors in the alpaca are so gorgeous and it was the only one she had like it. i'm glad we were there early as by the time i went back to buy the skein her booth was packed and there were lot of others checking out what was to be my skein of handpainted goodness.

i'm trying to quickly knit a skull hat for K. it appears that i might be trying to knit too fast:

i think i'll just go with it for now.

and finally, it's autumn. time to celebrate the apple.


Melanie Alamo said...

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tiffany said...

Love. love. love. the yarn on the left! I don't think I could resist it either!

Princess Knits

elizabeth bernot said...

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