Thursday, October 20

pumpkin patch

i've been looking at a lot of gratuitous pumpkin patch shots lately. now, i have a cute baby and plenty of nearby pumpkins - but yet no cutesy shots of baby by pumpkins. so please see above for my pumpkin patch pic. it's a watercolor that i did several years ago inspired by the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin theme.

I've had a lot of lovely orders for my store this week. i love getting orders. i love preparing and sending packages to all different parts of the country and sometimes to Canada too. tonight i'm in a bit of a bind. A couple of orders are waiting to be made up and shipped out, however, K. woke up 20 minutes after i put him down screaming his little head off. the only thing he wanted was 'mamas bed'. so there he is. and so are my supplies for the orders. well, they're in the closet, he's in the bed. if i go in the closet, he wakes up and then i won't be able to use the supplies. so, i'm working on a few other projects and crossing my fingers that the stars will align and i'll get everything packed up and out the door first thing tomorrow morning.

tomorrow i'll try to post some photos of the finished scarf and the market bag in progress. for some reason i keep dropping stitches on the bag which is really bizarre as i've never been a stitch dropper in the past...


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