Tuesday, October 4

busy making stuff

i just poured a batch of Chamomile and Calendula soap, it's a lovely butter yellow color at the moment and i'm really interested to see how it sets up. i wanted to do something really gentle and without any added fragrances (but it still smells nice because of the flowers.)

Finally, I grafted the crotch of the HPY perfection pants that i finished in early August. I just put it off because we didn't need them right away. Now his pants are all getting too short so it's time to get these into rotation. They're finished and blocked, just waiting for me to finish the drawstring and they're ready to go.

We head down to visit the folks this weekend and so tomorrow night i need to decide what projects i want to take down with me. there will be some knitting in the car time and hopefully a lot of down time while I'm there. A cousin is about to have a baby, so there will have to be a cute little newborn hat and i think i have just enough of the Blue Sky Organic Cotton left in appropriate boy colors.

K. is going to be two years old next week. I wasn't planning on doing a party for him, I've already been to a party for a two year old and it's just chaos. But as it turns out, his birthday is on a day that I don't have to work, he's been talking about it for a week now and so we'll be doing a little shindig for his closest 2 year old friends. Between now and this party I have absolutely no time at home due to this trip and working, so it's not going to be the craftiest of events. but that'll have to do.


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