Tuesday, September 27

i'm trying to 'break out of the mold' with my soaps, in my own way. this weekend i created a soap with the working name of Lavender Napoleon - it's a chocolate and lavender conconction with only cocoa butter and actual chocolate providing the chocolate flavor and lavender essential oil - no yucky fragrance oils. I made a soap 'icing' and layered it into the soap and to me it looks like a napoleon type pastry. super yummy!

the skull illusion scarf is progressing nicely. here are a few in progress pics, notice how i had to capture the knit side of the scarf in a particular angle to see the skulls. it's a very neato effect.

finally, the mailman brought me some birthday presents from myself. a full 6-pack of Cherry Tree Hill potluck worsted. this stuff is one of my favorites for soaker pants, but these colors are a little too pink for my boy. i'm thinking French Market Bag. The other skeins are Sweet Grass Wool 2-ply which will probably end up as Perfection Pants.


Davina said...

Oooh... yummy. I wonder about the Cherry Tree Hill stuff, as I have never used it. But I LOVE Sweet Grass Wool's Targhee. :D

Davina said...

Oh, and that soap looks yummy!! Wish scents didn't bother me so much.

Anonymous said...


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