Friday, September 23

getting things done

so it turns out that the Macintosh safari browser doesn't support all the fancy formatting buttons for blogger, so i had to download firefox because i honestly don't know much html. yet. looks like i'll be learning a bunch in my future.

JennInSeattle on mdc sews cloth diapers and sends them to mothers in need for free. all out of the goodness of her heart. going out to her today to distribution to those in need is this package:

these are some of my early attempts at knitted Wonderpants, some pants sewn from old sweaters and an AIO that we just don't use too often.

We went out for some errands this morning as i needed to get out of the house and pick up some things for the biz. Found these to use for gift boxes:
and popped into the yarn store. shopping for yarn with a toddler is impossible. if they're not pulling skeins off the shelf they're running into the dyeing area or trying to upset the button display. it's not relaxing. it's not fun. it's not even really worth it. this is why i never go to my local yarn store and i hardly have any familiarity with the different yarns. I did manage to make a purchase, some Araucania Nature Wool Chunky potentially for a pumpkin hat and some Harrisville Designs 100% virgin wool in cocoa and white for a soaker.

oh crap, i forgot i was going to make soap while K. was napping. now i don't have time.