Saturday, January 6

frustrated knitting

this is the little baby bolero from One Skein. knitted in an 'i forget' cotton from the stash. something pretty luxurious, it was deeply discounted from a retail price of $20 a skein when i bought it over the summer.
here is the back. it's curling, so you can't see the cute little detail at the back of the neck. and i really like the colors. especially for a baby girl. there's the palest of tawny pinks with the blues and tans and i think it would be great for a springtime little girl who doesn't want to wear pink all the time.
i'm frustrated because of several things. first, is this going to be wearable for a little baby? See the photo above for scale. The sleeves are huge. the whole thing is pretty wide. will this just end up being a fugly handknit? the second thing is that I'm nearly out of yarn and there is still a bit of edging to do. and that makes me not want to finish it. and so this is just sitting around on the dining room table, waiting for me to not feel weird about it.
check out the cool rainbow that we had this afternoon. note the lack of snow. this was right before a thunderstorm hit, a lot of rain and wind and a bit of hail too. wish it would just snow.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the baby bolero I made. I don't remember mine rolling like that and I've made two of them. I used the yarn called for in the pattern.

I like the colors of yours.

Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

I've seen quite a bit of baby-wear, knit or otherwise, with wider arms. I think its just a style of these clothes today.

If you worried about not having enough yarn to do the edging, what about a picot edge or something a little more "girly" in one of the colours from the yarn.

Speaking of which, I love the colours and maybe after blocking it, it won't roll.

My point is, it is very cute! Just as is will be its recipient, I'm sure. Great job.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree just do the edging in a matching solid. Im always surprised at how big baby things are...i think its to make it easier to get on & off.

i made a kimono for a friends baby & she said she loves it cuz they grow with the baby

Anonymous said...


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