Sunday, January 14

baby bolero is complete

So I ended up using a light pink Blue Sky Cotton to edge the bolero. The color isn't exactly the 'right' color, but in natural light I think it looks pretty good. After a gentle wash this seemed to come together pretty well. I'm sure all the super picky knitters are sitting out there tisk-tisking the stitches that I picked up along the side is pretty good, the other not so good. i'm trying to decide if I want to do a second one of these or if i want to do the kimono from Mason Dixon or other. baby showers are coming up in a months time, so i do have some time to think about what would be best.
we needed a new dishcloth, so here you go. from Mason Dixon. they look so wonderful when they're freshly knitted...
...and not quite so beautiful when they've been in heavy rotation. i hope to do another one tonight.

the pictures are looking pretty good today, aren't they? i just spent all my christmas money on a digitial SLR so that we could take quality product shots for kind of a bummer to use fun money for work, but hopefully the improved pictures will help boost sales and i'll get it back someday. i'm just trying to think longterm.


Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

I think it looks wonderful! Great job... and the ballband dishcloths are very lovely, too. Un fact, I think I'll knit one up myself.

Anonymous said...

You know, even after heavy rotation the washcloths still look pretty darned good. I've seen pictures of the baby kimono out on the web and it's absolutely darling! I may have to pick up that book at some point.

And the camera? It's not *all* for business, you're using it here, to show off how cool you knitting is, I say that fun! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, is that my white/yellow warshcloth? I have one that looks exactly like that. I do love them all nice and new but even old they still work well.

ericah64 said...

Oh, I love the bolero! I got that book from the library and almost made the bolero. Next time, I will.

Anonymous said...

Those dishcloths and the bolero look great! I'm going to try the bolero myself pretty soon - I have lots of cotton that I don't know what to do with.

Anonymous said...

i think the bolero looks wonderful! there is another great kimono baby pattern in erika knights simple knits for cherished babies that i love making...its in one pieces which is great!

Anonymous said...

I'm making the same dishcloths! I'm on my third one... my first official "real" knitting. So fun. I love the bolero, and "poo poo" to any disparagement toward said item of handcrafted beauty. BTW, this is Megs_BK from MDC :-)

Iris said...

I like the picture of the washcloths in rotation better, actually. I was so sure I didn't want to knit that pattern but now I'm having second thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The washcloths look great! I like your color choices. Can I ask how long it takes you to knit one? :o)

CherylAnn said...

I love the bolero! I need to find a baby project as one of my closest friends is pg for the first time at 40! I love this project. I love the dishcloths, too and I think they are lovely in rotation. I need to hit you up for the pattern later.

tamdoll said...

Wonderful projects! Isn't the OneSkein book great? I'm going to have to make a bolero as part of my stashalong project - lots of babies in the near future will appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

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