Friday, October 6

clapotis almost done!

The knitting on the clapotis is done. However, this bamboo and wool blend does not drop stitches very easily. Basically i have to tease out each and every stitch - which is very time consuming. slowly but surely i guess. it's soft and warm and comfy. my husband thinks it's too big to be a scarf, but isn't sure where to characterize it. does that matter? here's an unfinished photo...

The other thing i've been doing is trying to make a tissue holder for my cloth wipes. i just the tutorial over at Bella Dia and changed the measurements a bit. It took two tries to get it right, but hoo boy - is it cute. it would be great for sticking in the diaper/toy bag for excursions where messiness is bound to happen. i love cloth wipes because they do such a good job, this will be a great way to bring them around.


kristin said...

Both are beautiful!

(can a tissue holder really be beautiful? YES!). I'm considering making one myself. I need to clean up my diaper bag. Right now it ends up a jumbled pit.

Pensguys said...

VERY nice! I've been tempted to make that clapotis. I think I'm probably the only knitter that hasn't! LOL

tiffany said...

I love your clapotis!!! I love the striping, it looks almost highland, which I absolutley love. Where can I get some of this yarn?

That's too bad about the stitches not dropping easily, it must have taken for ages.

I mostly wear my Clapotis as a shawl but sometimes as a scarf. You could possibly catagorize it as a wrap???

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