Tuesday, July 18

mini-shrine swaphttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Over at Swap-bot, in my excitement over all the swapping possibilities I had joined another swap in addition to the magic yarn ball swap. This was for a mini-shrine and i thought it sounded delightful. Well, after getting out the first swap I came down with a terrible case of eczema. So awful, so horrid that I couldn't move my left hand. It was swollen into a claw shape. My right hand was slightly better. For 6 days I barely ate and slept due to the discomfort. There was no crafting in my life. No blogging. Hardly any working. Just lots of suffering. When I came through to the other side there was a lot of catch-up to do, and so my mini-shrine got sent to the back of the line.

Not wanting to be 'that person', I finally got my act together on Sunday and pulled my ideas together and created two mini-mini-shrines.

#1 - Lucky Duck. When you need a little leg up, call on Lucky Duck. Lottery tickets. Bingo games. Lucky Duck can help you out.

#2 - Shadowy Knight in Shining Armor. For those times when you need someone to sweep in, rescue you, kill the bad guy, and then tidy everything up. But you don't want a goody-goody. No, you want someone with a little bit of shadow. Don't tell me that you never need to be rescued. We all do sometimes.


yarnmaniac said...

Love the shrines. Are those Altoid boxes?

knitsteel said...

This whole swap idea is intriguing. I like the way these small fast projects can spur creativity.

g. said...

those are mini altoids boxes, there was some sort of gum in them (the gum was 'just okay' but the little boxes were awesome.

i like the swap-bot idea -- but in these past two swaps that I participated in, I never got anything in return so i probably wont do anymore.

Anonymous said...


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