Sunday, April 13

Arisaig is Finished

8 months, plus or minus. Finally Arisaig is finished. I used the same yarn and needles as suggested in the pattern. The only mod was to make the ribbing a little bit longer. I have big arms, so had no problems with my sleeves being too big for my arms. But they were too big for the armholes and I had to rip back 1.5 inches to get my sleeve in there.

This was my first seamed sweater. Seaming? Not really that bad. 80" of tie? Not really that bad. The worst and slowest part of this project were the sleeves.

I think it looks good on me. It feels good to wear it and i think that this sweater will get a lot of use. I'm so pleased with myself - an entire sweater with all this lace, on #1 and #2 needles - it's done and I did a good job. Well done me!


no-blog-rachel said...

Actually I think it looks better on you than it does in the pictures on Knitty. I've seen it on Knitty before and it never struck me as anything I'd want to make. You make it look fab.

knittingiris said...

Well done, you, is right! I agree, yours is even nicer than the original, and very well fitting. Beautiful and well worth the 8 months it took to finish it.
What yarn did you use?

sascha said...

Congratulations! That takes perseverence, and patience. Not to mention skill. The lace is lovely and it looks great on you. :O) Well done you!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

wow, this is adorable! i love the colors you choose :)

i love wearing my hand knits out and about~ everytime someone asks "did you make that?!" i am like "why yes, yes i did!" *BEEM!*

Anonymous said...


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