Saturday, February 10

Laceleaf Pullover progress

Progress is being made on the Laceleaf Pullover. My main goal for today was the grafting. I'm not afraid of a little kitchener stitch, but this was 102 stitches of kitchener - which is frankly quite a lot. It took me the better part of two hours to get it all done, with breaks and everything and it looks pretty good. This yarn hides it well. I experimented with two different routines, and for this yarn I like slipping the stitch and then priming the next before pulling the yarn all the way through. it just looked more natural that way.

the body is really long because i have a wicked long torso (and short stubby legs). after viewing everyone else's pullover on their blogs, i was really afraid of the sweater being too short and too tight so i made the medium version and added to the length and at this point i like the look - very tunic-y.
here's a shot of the photo area coming together. we're putting together an area to take pics of the bikes and parts and so forth - but this requires much gear. most of it pricey. so it's coming together slowly but surely. the second light showed up today. that in conjunction with adjusting the white levels on the camera itself should help us get much better photos. the next step is figuring out how to hang the 14' roll of background paper so that we can shoot entire bikes.


Pippi said...

It looks beautiful!
102 stitches of kitchener (!!)... I would have screwed that up bigtime!

kat said...

the sweater looks great. i'm always adding length myself but at least we can make things fit us correctly! the nnew photo area should allow for some beautiful FO photos too!

J&D said...


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