Tuesday, November 14

let's catch up...

it's been over two weeks since my last post, though my blog has been quiet my life has been rather busy. the good news is that the major outside work projects have been realized and are done for this year. the bad news is that now i'm going to need to ramp up the soap biz and get ready for my first craft shows. there's lots to do for the bike shop as well. so, although i've successfully come through in one way, there still won't be any rest until the holidays.

the conference that i've just returned from features several costume parties. after having endured endless teasing when a board member blindly stumbled onto this post and then finding the pattern for this - my costume became clear. It had to include an awesome knitted component. Princess Leia's hair knit up quickly in Lamb's Pride Bulky - double stranded. In fact, the buns were finished in my hotel room and are stuffed with tissue from the room. When I get a chance I'll add some more pictures, it's a fabulous pattern.


mollysusie said...

That truly is a beautiful knitted necklace. Everytime I see i think I'll have to try it!

I think I'll skip on the buns though...although you pull them off well.

Jason said...

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