Tuesday, January 31

knitting baby hats

though i haven't had the chance to do much knitting, a few little baby hats have been completed. it seems like new babies are arriving all the time. the baby hat is a very satifsfying project. quick to complete, mainly due to size, and you can really have fun with pom poms and tassles and so forth. lately i've been using the hat pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, though making it a bit smaller so that the babies can wear it earlier. but really baby hats are super simple, and the need for any actual pattern is negligable.

other news, i changed the packaging on my soaps. i think they look really nice and it's certainly easier for me to do. i just stocked the store with all the soaps that we were making in december, i hope i get some feedback on the new labels.

just so you know, George and i are sharing this blogger account and now my blog will show as signed by George. but it's still me.